AWG acquires Axmen Propane

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  • Date: October 5, 2023
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We have exciting news to share! As of February 1, 2021, American Welding & Gas, Inc. (AWG) has acquired Axmen Propane, a local company based in Frenchtown, MT. Managed by the Hanson family and Mike Svoboda since 2000, Axmen Propane has established itself as a reputable provider of prompt and professional service to its customers in western Montana.

By joining forces with AWG’s Silvertip Propane business, this partnership creates the largest independent propane provider in Montana and the surrounding areas. It’s an exciting development that will bring even more convenience and value to customers in the region.

AWG acquires Axmen Propane

As of February 1, 2021, American Welding & Gas, Inc. (“AWG”) has joined forces with Axmen Propane, a company headquartered in Frenchtown, MT. Axmen Propane is a locally owned and operated business in western Montana, run by the Hanson family and Mike Svoboda since 2000. Over the years, Axmen Propane has established a strong reputation for providing prompt and professional service to its customers.

The acquisition of Axmen Propane by AWG is significant because it brings together the resources and expertise of both companies to create the largest independent propane provider in Montana and the surrounding areas. By combining AWG’s Silvertip Propane business with Axmen Propane, this newly formed entity will be able to serve its customers even better and meet their propane needs more efficiently.

About AWG

AWG is a leading company in the propane and gas industry. They offer a wide range of products and services to various industries, including industrial, medical gases, research, mining, natural gas, power generation, and biofuel. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, AWG has become a trusted name in the industry.

About Us

AWG prides itself on being a customer-focused company. They strive to provide exceptional service and quality products to meet the diverse needs of their customers. With a dedicated team and state-of-the-art facilities, AWG is well-positioned to deliver on its promises.

Our Leadership Team

AWG’s leadership team consists of experienced professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company. They are committed to guiding AWG towards continued growth and success while maintaining a customer-centric approach.

Corporate Videos

AWG produces informative corporate videos that showcase their products, services, and company culture. These videos provide valuable insights into the company’s operations and highlight their commitment to customer satisfaction.

AWG Company Store

AWG operates a company store where customers can purchase a wide range of products related to welding, gases, and other industrial needs. The store offers convenience and accessibility for customers to find the products they need.


AWG offers various career opportunities for individuals interested in the gas and welding industry. With a strong focus on employee development and growth, AWG provides a rewarding work environment where individuals can flourish and contribute to the company’s success.


AWG serves a diverse range of industries, catering to their specific gas and propane needs. Some of the industries they specialize in include:


AWG provides industrial gases and services to industries such as manufacturing, construction, and fabrication. They offer a wide range of industrial gases and innovative solutions to meet the unique requirements of each industry.

Medical Gases

In the medical field, AWG supplies a variety of medical gases used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. These gases are vital for providing life-saving treatments and maintaining the well-being of patients.


Research institutions rely on AWG for their gas needs in laboratories and experimentation. AWG supplies high-quality gases necessary for various research purposes, contributing to advancements in scientific knowledge.


The mining industry requires gases for various processes, including exploration, extraction, and metallurgy. AWG provides mining companies with the gases needed to support their operations efficiently and safely.

Natural Gas

AWG is involved in the distribution of natural gas, a clean and efficient energy source used for heating, cooking, and power generation. They work with utility companies and residential customers to ensure a reliable supply of natural gas.

Power Generation

AWG supports the power generation industry by providing the necessary gases for efficient and clean energy production. From natural gas to specialty gases, AWG offers products tailored to power generation facilities’ specific needs.


As the demand for renewable energy sources grows, AWG is at the forefront of supplying gases and equipment for biofuel production. They play a vital role in supporting the transition to more sustainable energy solutions.


AWG offers a wide range of gases to meet the needs of various industries. These gases include industrial gases, bulk gases, medical gases, specialty gases, beverage gases, cylinder gas, propane, and dry ice.

Industrial Gases

AWG provides a comprehensive range of industrial gases used in industrial processes and applications. These gases include oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide, among others. Industrial gases play a crucial role in manufacturing and production processes.

Bulk Gases

Bulk gases are supplied in large quantities and stored in tanks or cylinders. AWG offers bulk gases for various industries, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply to support operations.

Medical Gases

In the medical field, AWG supplies gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, and medical-grade compressed air. These gases are essential for patient care, anesthesia, and respiratory therapies.

Specialty Gases

Specialty gases are used in specific applications, such as calibration gases, gas mixtures, and pure gases for research and development. AWG provides a wide range of specialty gases tailored to meet specific industry requirements.

Beverage Gases

AWG supplies beverage-grade gases used in the carbonation and dispensing of various beverages, including soft drinks, beer, and wine. These gases ensure the quality and taste of the beverages.

Cylinder Gas

Cylinder gases are supplied in portable cylinders and used in various applications, such as welding, cutting, and heating. AWG offers a range of cylinder gases to meet different industry needs.


Propane is a versatile fuel used for heating, cooking, and powering vehicles and equipment. AWG’s acquisition of Axmen Propane strengthens their position as the largest independent propane provider in Montana and the surrounding areas.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide used for cooling and freezing applications. AWG offers high-quality dry ice, ensuring the safe handling and transportation of temperature-sensitive products.

Welding Products

AWG provides a comprehensive selection of welding products to support various welding applications. These products include welding equipment, cutting equipment, gas apparatus, consumables, abrasives, safety equipment, and filler metals.

Welding Equipment

AWG offers a wide range of welding equipment, including welding machines, power sources, welding torches, and accessories. Their equipment is designed to provide reliable and efficient welding performance.

Cutting Equipment

Cutting equipment is essential for precision cutting and shaping of metal and other materials. AWG supplies cutting machines, plasma cutters, and other cutting tools to meet the diverse needs of the welding industry.

Gas Apparatus

Gas apparatus includes regulators, flowmeters, torches, and other components necessary for gas control and distribution in welding applications. AWG provides high-quality gas apparatus to ensure safe and efficient welding operations.


Consumables are essential materials used in the welding process, such as welding electrodes, wires, filler rods, and fluxes. AWG offers a wide selection of consumables to meet various welding requirements.


Abrasives are used for grinding, sanding, and polishing in welding and metalworking applications. AWG supplies a range of abrasives, including grinding wheels, sanding discs, and polishing compounds.


Safety is a top priority in the welding industry. AWG offers safety equipment, including welding helmets, protective clothing, gloves, and safety glasses, to ensure the well-being of welding professionals.

Filler Metals

Filler metals are used in welding to create a bond between two metals. AWG provides a diverse range of filler metals, including electrodes, wires, and rods, suitable for different welding processes and applications.

Customer Resources

AWG offers various customer resources to provide valuable information and support to their customers. These resources include a specialty gas catalog, informational brochures, terms and conditions, privacy policy, credit application, cash account form, manufacturer links, and safety data sheets (SDS).

Specialty Gas Catalog

AWG’s specialty gas catalog provides detailed information about the different specialty gases they offer. It includes specifications, applications, and usage guidelines, helping customers choose the right gas for their specific needs.

Informational Brochures

AWG produces informational brochures that provide insights into their products, services, and industry trends. These brochures serve as a valuable resource for customers, helping them make informed decisions.

Terms and Conditions

AWG’s terms and conditions outline the terms of their products and services, including payment terms, delivery conditions, and liability provisions. This document helps customers understand their rights and obligations when engaging with AWG.

Privacy Policy

AWG values the privacy of their customers and has a privacy policy in place to protect their information. The policy outlines how customer data is collected, stored, and used, ensuring transparency and compliance with privacy regulations.

Credit Application

For customers interested in establishing a credit account with AWG, they provide a credit application. This enables customers to streamline their ordering process and enjoy the benefits of a credit account.

Cash Account Form

AWG also offers a cash account form for customers who prefer to pay for their purchases upfront. This form ensures a smooth and efficient transaction process for cash customers.

Manufacturer Links

AWG provides links to the manufacturers they work with, giving customers direct access to additional product information and resources. This helps customers make informed decisions and find comprehensive information about the products they are interested in.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Safety data sheets provide important information about the safe handling, storage, and disposal of products. AWG provides SDS for their products, ensuring customers have access to crucial safety information.


AWG provides various contact options for customers to get in touch with their team. These options include a contact form, store locator, account management, and career inquiries.

Contact Us

AWG’s contact page offers a contact form for customers to submit inquiries or requests. Their team is responsive and aims to address customer queries in a timely manner.

Store Locator

AWG’s store locator helps customers find the nearest AWG store based on their location. This convenient feature ensures easy access to AWG’s products and services.

Manage Your Account

Customers with existing accounts can manage their account details, including orders, payments, and account settings, through the account management portal. This self-service option offers convenience and flexibility.


AWG provides information about career opportunities within the company. Interested individuals can browse current job openings and submit their applications online.


AWG offers an automation customer portal for customers who require automated ordering and management services.

Automation Customer Portal

The automation customer portal allows customers to place orders, manage their accounts, and access real-time information about their gas and propane needs. This portal streamlines the ordering process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.


The acquisition of Axmen Propane by AWG marks a significant milestone in the gas and propane industry. By joining forces, these two companies have created the largest independent propane provider in Montana and the surrounding areas. AWG’s broad range of products, extensive industry expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction position them as a leading player in the gas and welding industry. Customers can rely on AWG for their gas, propane, and welding product needs, backed by exceptional service and quality.

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