American Welding & Gas, Inc. Acquires Assets of NFC Company, Inc. – Chicago, IL

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  • Date: October 5, 2023
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We are excited to announce that American Welding & Gas, Inc. (AWG) has recently acquired the assets of NFC Company, Inc., based in Chicago, IL. NFC Company has established a strong reputation for providing excellent service to its gas customers over the past 46 years.

AWG is thrilled to welcome the Francis family and all employees of NFC Company into their AWG family. By combining the strengths of both companies, AWG aims to expand their capabilities and provide enhanced service to all customers throughout Chicagoland.

At AWG, they value the relationships they build and are committed to delivering exceptional service. This acquisition marks a significant step forward for AWG as they continue to grow as one of the nation’s largest independently owned producers and distributors of industrial, medical, beverage, and specialty gases.

Company Acquisition Announcement


We are thrilled to announce that American Welding & Gas, Inc. (AWG) has acquired the assets of NFC Company Inc., based in Chicago, IL. This strategic acquisition brings together two reputable companies in the gas industry, further enhancing our capabilities to serve customers throughout the Chicagoland area. We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership will bring and are committed to providing exceptional service to our new customers.

Background of NFC Company Inc.

NFC Company Inc. has been proudly serving customers in the Chicago area since its establishment in 1974. The company has built a strong reputation for its prompt and professional service in providing gas products. The Francis family, including Norb, Dorothy, Ben, and Dan Francis, have owned and operated NFC Company Inc. since its inception. Over the years, NFC Company Inc. has grown its business and established strong relationships with breweries, bars, coffee shops, convenience stores, and restaurants in the area.

AWG’s Acquisition of NFC Company Inc.

AWG’s acquisition of NFC Company Inc. marks an important milestone in both companies’ journeys. As one of the largest independently owned producer and distributor of industrial, medical, beverage, and specialty gases, AWG has a wealth of experience in the industry. By joining forces with NFC Company Inc., AWG will be able to expand its capabilities and serve a larger customer base in the Chicago area. The partnership will bring together the strengths of both companies to deliver even greater value to customers.

Benefits of the Acquisition

The acquisition of NFC Company Inc. by AWG brings several benefits to all stakeholders involved. First and foremost, it enables AWG to enhance its service offerings and provide a wider range of gas products to customers. The combined resources and expertise of both companies will result in improved operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, the acquisition will create growth opportunities for AWG, allowing the company to further expand its presence in the Chicago market.

Statements from AWG and NFC Company Inc.

Jason Krieger, President & CEO of AWG, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “Today we have the pleasure of welcoming the Francis family and employees of NFC Company into our AWG family. Combining NFC and AWG positions us to expand our capabilities to serve all our customers throughout Chicagoland. Our thanks to Norb, Dorothy, Ben, and Dan Francis for partnering with AWG in this endeavor. We appreciate this opportunity to further enhance the service to our new customers.”

Norb Francis, Owner of NFC Company Inc., reflected on his journey and decision to partner with AWG, saying, “After 46 great years of working side by side with my family and serving amazing customers, my wife and I have decided to partner with AWG as we prepare for retirement. I appreciate the relationships I have built over the years and look forward to being a patron only.” Norb’s dedication to his customers and his passion for the beverage industry have been instrumental in the success of NFC Company Inc.

AWG’s Profile and Operations Overview

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, AWG has been a pioneer in the gas industry since its establishment in 1949. The company operates over 82 retail locations and 19 fill plants spanning from Kalispell, Montana to Orlando, Florida. AWG is renowned for its commitment to excellence and its ability to produce and distribute a wide range of industrial, medical, beverage, and specialty gases. As an independently owned company, AWG prides itself on its agility, flexibility, and customer-centric approach.

Retail Locations and Fill Plants of AWG

AWG’s extensive network of retail locations and fill plants allows for efficient and timely delivery of gas products to customers. With over 82 retail locations, AWG ensures convenient access to its products and services throughout its operational areas. Furthermore, its 19 fill plants enable AWG to maintain a reliable supply chain and meet the diverse needs of its customers. The combination of AWG’s existing infrastructure and the addition of NFC Company Inc.’s assets will further strengthen AWG’s capabilities in serving the Chicago market.


The acquisition of NFC Company Inc. by AWG is an exciting development for both companies and their customers. With AWG’s extensive experience in the gas industry and NFC Company Inc.’s strong reputation for service excellence, this partnership is poised to deliver exceptional value to customers in the Chicago area. AWG’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, combined with the expertise of the NFC team, will pave the way for growth and success. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to serving all our customers with the highest level of quality and professionalism.

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