How to use a stud welder

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How do you use a stud welder


A stud nail welder is a tool that welds small studs to metal surfaces for dent repair. The nails provide something the T-handle or slide hammer can grab onto and pull off damage. When using this method, you must first grind away any paint on the damaged area so it will have direct contact with your hands . This technique only works when there are dents in an unpainted surface like steel because applying force without having direct contact won’t work if there’s already paint coating over top of where you’re trying to remove some damage.

Weld studs to the metal. Force it down with a body hammer, then pull out in an alternating pattern until you can see high spots or find some by tapping lightly and pulling on them. Once they’re found, start welding from the front of each spot as if rolling dough – first in last out- right over top of your previous weld line so that there is less chance for cracks when removing heat after cooling off (a process called “drawing”). Roll all around evenly until almost completely straightened before moving onto another section where needed.

Using a slide hammer is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. The metal can easily over-stretch if the user does not know what they are doing. Instead, use either a t-handle or body hammers to complete your pull in an efficient manner by removing stud nails with dykes after you have finished pulling out the nailheads

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