H & S Autoshot 4550 Starter Plus Stud Welder Kit Review

  • By: Paul Dixon
  • Date: March 18, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.
H & S Autoshot 4550 Starter Plus Stud Welder Kit

H & S Autoshot 4550  Stud Welder Kit Overview

The H & S Autoshot 4550 Starter Plus Stud Welder Kit is the perfect way to get started with a Uni-Spotter Stud Pulling System. This entry level kit features one of the most powerful welders in a starter kit, making it the best value starter kit available on the market today.

H & S Autoshot 4550  Stud Welder Kit Contents

4550 Starter Welder

The UPGRADED 4550 Starter Welder is not only powerful, but also features Stud Ease Technology to make it easy for you. The handle trigger and 110 volts mean that this welder can be used in any country or location with an electrical socket.

1001 Flexpert Welding Studs

With its special design, the 1001 Flexpert Welding Studs are perfect for any job. The round head makes them easy to insert and remove from your projects while also helping with sliding against surfaces during pulling operations these studs won’t break or wear out like other types might.

1004 Stud Welding tip

The 1004 stud welding tip is designed with a Morse Taper for positive fits and easy removal. It can be used on all types of 2mm diameter steel weldments, which means you’ll never have an issue finding replacement parts.

1016 Deluxe Slide Hammer

The 1016 Deluxe Slide Hammer has an ergonomic T handle for comfortable operation and tapping the panel close to studs. It features a 4 jaw collet that won’t let go till you release it with its tapered head, making this tool perfect if your job requires installing or removing fasteners from tight spaces.


If you are in the market for an entry level stud welding kit, the Uni-Spotter 4550 Starter Kit Plus is a great option. This kit features the most powerful welder in a starter kit and comes with Stud Ease Technology, which holds the welding stud in the welder regardless of the direction the welder is pointed.

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