H & S Auto Shot 5500 Welder Stud Kit

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  • Date: March 18, 2022
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H & S Auto Shot 5500 Welder Stud Kit

H & S Auto Shot 5500 Welder Stud Kit Overview

The Uni-Spotter 5500 Stinger Plus kit is perfect for the individual body man looking to create their own unique welding experience. With ” Stud Ease Technology,” this powerful mid range welder provides effortless penetration and adds extra strength where needed without sacrificing clean up or lowering production rates.

The Stud Ease creates a seal between the welding stud and welder that can be pointed in any direction without fear of it falling out. This features is exclusive to H&S Autoshot’s Uni-Spotter Stud Welders, which have been designed with an attention towards safety as well efficiency for maximum productivity on site.

H & S Auto Shot 5500 Welder Stud Kit Contents 


5590 Stinger Welder

The 5590 Stinger welder is not your average mid range machine. It’s powerful enough to handle any job, but with its built in overload relay it’ll be safe from overheating! The trigger grip makes operating this thing effortless and there’s ” Stud Ease Technology” exclusive only at uni-Spotter.

1001 Flexpert Welding Studs

The 1001 Flexpert Welding Studs are a popular and easy to use stud for pullers. These 2 mm copper coated steel shafted peices allow you welding with ease while still being strong enough not break or snap when pulled out of place after completion.

1002 Heavy Weight Studs

The 1002 Heavy Weight Studs were designed for pulling heavy duty applications. They’re 2mm copper coated and have an easy weld, making them perfect to attach your Uni-Clamp when you need structural work done on structures like buildings or bridges.

1003 Body Side Molding Rivets

These rivets are designed to attach the body side molding clips, restoring your vehicle’s original look and quality.

1004 Stud Welding tip

The 1004 stud welding tip is designed for positive fits and easy removal with any size of stud. It can be used up to 2-6 mm in diameter.

1005 Molding Rivet Welding Tip

With the 1005 Molding Rivet Tip, you can easily and quickly attach your favorite molding rivets during welding sessions. The built-in magnet will hold them in place for easy placement while being able to remove with just one quick tap of a tool.

1007 Shrink Welding Tip

The 1007 shrink welding tip is great for shrinking panels in place of an oxy-acetylene torch. With its convex design, it provides even heating to the metal without burning or damaging your workpiece. Plus this taper fit means you can use less flux when making up jointing compounds because they will flow right off with ease thanks again those extra guided surfaces on each side.

1016 Deluxe Slide Hammer

This hammer has been designed with a 4 jaw collet which firmly grips the stud and does not let go till you release it. The “T” Handle give operators an ergonomic grip, while its tapered head allows tapping close to where they’re drilling for optimal accuracy in any situation.

1045 Eliminator Side by Side Adapter with Stud Ease Technology

The Eliminator Side by Side Adapter is made to weld a series of studs close together and it’s exclusive ” Stud Ease Technology” holds your pulling efforts in place so you can work more efficiently. This design feature means there are no worries about those pesky little scratches that normally keep people from being able do their jobs properly.

1095 Mini Pull’r

Lightweight panels and a quick grip make the 1095 Mini Pull’r perfect for today’s lightweight installations. With Posi-Cam locking system, you can pull handily on any size stud with ease.

5529 Tool Box

This custom tool box for stinger plus welding kits provides the perfect storage solution. It’s tough enough to contain your equipment, and it has an easy carrying handle so you can take it anywhere.


The Uni-Spotter 5500 Stinger Plus kit is the most powerful mid-range welder available. This kit was designed for the body man who wants a complete kit for his individual use. The 5500 Stinger Plus kit features the Uni-Spotter exclusive “Stud Ease Technology” that holds the welding stud in the welder regardless of the direction the welder is pointed. If you are looking for a powerful mid-range welder, look no further than H&S Autoshot’s Uni-Spotter Stud Welders.

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